The Enrichment Units for the Middle Years (EUMY) are designed to run parallel to the regular curriculum and act as extension units for gifted students. Supplied with a site licence, they can be available to all staff and students in the school at all times, so can be used whenever or wherever extension is needed. EUMY units can also be used as the core material for the gifted education program for students in the middle years, that is from mid primary to mid secondary. Each unit comes with a Teachers’ Guide in Word format.

Units are available in Mathematics, Science (Multidisciplinary, Physics and Biology), Information Technology (Social and technical issues), Humanities (writing, social issues and archeology) and Cross Curricular.    

Links to descriptions of available units
Units have been developed and tested in schools over many years of extension work with middle years students in both real and virtual environments. They are now used in six countries.

Please ask for password by email to
All online material comes as about ten simple HTML web pages which can be easily copied onto the hard drives of computers or the school server. In this way they can be available to all staff and students at all times.

All material is designed to be used directly from the screen. It can also be printed and photocopied should that format suit better. There is no interactive component, no plug-ins and no technical learning curve.    

The site licence allows the unit to be copied as often as required for use within the school. It may not be copied for use beyond the students enrolled at the school.  

A Word document of Teacher Notes, with solutions, accompanies each unit.    

Each unit is about 20 hours work for a very able students to reach minimal completion. Most students take longer as they go beyond the minimal standard. More advanced units are considerably longer.   

Each unit is priced at $50 (Australian) for unlimited school use. Schools will be invoiced on delivery if an order number is provided. The 50 Series One units may be purchased for $2000, a saving of $500. There is no annual fee. 

For home use, the unit price is $10 each. They may not be copied. The 50 Series One units may be purchased for $450, a saving of $50.    

Units are delivered by post on CD. There is no installation required.   

A Word document describing Series One EUMY units can be downloaded here: EUMY Units.

An Word document order form is also available: Order Form.

US visitors: Lynne Kelly will be presenting the EUMY suite at the Gifted Learning Conference at the invitation of the Nueva School, on October 26. She looks forward to meeting representatives of our American Schools there.

All prices are in Australian dollars. Conversions can be done here. Online payment by direct bank transfer or through PayPal, can be organised on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests for units. We are constantly writing and working with schools to generate the material they need.